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Founded in 2012, ExecOnline is an online executive leadership development platform for enterprises. ExecOnline partners with top-ranked business institutions, including Berkeley, Columbia, MIT, Stanford, Wharton, and Yale, to create online leadership programs that solve critical business challenges and deliver immediate and measurable impact to executive leaders at corporations. In addition, ExecOnline’s Applied Experience Platform supports experienced leaders and front-line managers, providing a differentiated offering at scale and lower cost. ExecOnline’s flexible, scalable platform allows their courses to be tailored to customers’ needs and provides career-enhancing opportunities to a broader, more inclusive group. Its programs have been completed by leaders at over 500 organizations, including Fortune 500 companies like Air Canada, Whole Foods, Dow, and CBRE.

Our Perspective

ExecOnline addresses a convergence of edtech themes around the digitization of education experience, the need for increased corporate training in a complex world, and the drive for education with verifiable concrete results. The outsourced corporate leadership training market is large, fragmented, and growing quickly, with an increasing portion of spend shifting to online modalities. In contrast to most leadership experiences which are in-person or low-tech, ExecOnline is a pioneer in the B2B online leadership development space with its full-stack online solution, proprietary technology and data, and premium brand for senior executives. We believe this differentiation makes ExecOnline well positioned for continued tailwinds as companies increasingly seek scalable solutions to develop a diverse and inclusive leadership pipeline within their talent pool. ExecOnline is led by a highly experienced and credentialed senior management team with backgrounds in technology, media, and education business. The company is led by CEO and co-founder Stephen Bailey, a leader for the corporate education industry who was recently named a recipient of the 2021 Innovators of Color Award by Global Silicon Valley.