Our investing philosophy is founded on finding high-quality investments that create a better future and deliver growth over a long-horizon.

We are purposeful, proactive, and research-driven investors who use a thematic approach to identify areas we think will experience long-term growth.

We make minority equity investments of $25M to $150M and focus exclusively on technology-enabled companies at the Series C or later stages.

Our approach enables us to build conviction and act quickly. We also believe that thematically driven growth investing enables us to build depth on the sectors and companies we invest in. OMERS is also able to hold investments longer than a typical fund.

We are long-term investors proud to be working on behalf of the more than 525,000 OMERS members who make Ontario’s municipalities great places to live and work.

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Sectors we invest in



Solving business challenges with technology solutions designed to boost productivity and make organizations more efficient and profitable.



Using technology to change the way we learn and improve student outcomes by providing a more engaging, inclusive and personalized experience.



Transforming the healthcare industry with digital health and technology-enabled services made to improve the patient experience while lowering costs.



Deploying technology to improve the financial services experience by improving efficiency and customer experience.


Like the companies we invest in we are innovative and continuously think about how to adapt to a constantly evolving future.


We conduct research to identify compelling investment themes and the companies impacted by them today, and in the years to come.


We align with management and other investors before making an investment with the aim of delivering success, together.

Meet our team

Our team sets us apart. Diversity, experience, curiosity and world-class talent drive great results.

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